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Incubation Services & Packages

The ability to create, cultivate and protect new ideas, as they emerge into established young enterprises able to sustain themselves, is the practice of incubation.  The complete incubation effort must recognize entrepreneurial initiative and be able to channel energy and expertise into a clearly articulated value proposition. This direction must be capable of commercializing the concept, or be able to add value to an existing organization to be successful.

Incubation is a highly variable mechanism that relies heavily on creative, engineering and work processes to be successful.  Evolution Center™ offers a variety of office, organization and complete incubation programs to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Flexible tenant lease terms and high-performance offices spaces are available, along with a host of incubation services.  EC incubation services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of start-ups, satellite braches of established organizations and dedicated research or project teams. 

EC Incubation Services:
  • Office Space – Commercial and start-up enterprise offices within an EC environment
  • Professional Furnishings – Flexible, multi-functional office and furniture systems
  • Access to Additional EC Facilities – Conference, presentation, training, design and project work spaces
  • Access to Technical Systems – Printing, fax, telecommunication, network, multi-media
  • Business Services – Organizational development, strategic planning, venture management and mentor guidance
  • Production Services – Business collateral: B-cards, letterhead, logos, graphics and websites
  • EC “Venture Hosting”™ – Incubation programs are delivered in partnership with iSpring Capital to clients and partners within an EC environment. 1, 3 and 6 month incubation programs that integrate a unique selection from the above offerings into a targeted, EC Venture Driver™ Program.
  • EC “Inside”™ -Incubation programs delivered in partnership with iSpring Capital inside an existing organization.1, 3, 6 and 12 month incubation programs that integrate a unique selection from the above offerings into a targeted, EC Venture Driver™ Program. 

Value Propositions:
  • Rapidly prototype and produce early stage enterprises and strategic projects.
  • Accelerate the growth and development of young companies.
  • Establish legitimate market presence and professional capability.
  • Build organizational networks and connect to key communities of practices.

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