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Production Services

All successful organizations and initiatives are supported by exceptional support teams and production systems.  They are responsible for creating, capturing, synthesizing and delivering the documentation that conveys the essence of the work being done.

The ability to ship content and graphics in a timely and compelling way helps organizations stay competitive and in touch with extended networks. The ability to deliver material that represents the productive efforts of the organization is crucial to the communication, branding and archiving efforts of the enterprise.

EC offers a variety of production services to help extend the utility of our clients and partners work.

EC Production Services:
  • Content creation and capture

  • Print and multimedia documentation packages

  • Graphic and web design

  • Corporate collateral

  • Research and Knowledge Management

  • Graphic Facilitation


Value Propositions:
  • Quickly capture and communicate essential information
  • Build a knowledge base of data connected to a project or organization
  • Manage and maintain momentum in work processes
  • Establish a branded project or market presence

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