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Strategic Facilitation Services

The ability to design and deliver strategic solutions to organizational opportunities and challenges is the business of how work is done.  There is the work, and then there is how it is accomplished. All too often the pressures and demands of doing work in the 21st Century keep organizations from designing deliberate strategies for growth and quality improvement. As a result optimization is lost, innovation is missed and market presence is decreased. While most organizations default to sub-standard results, those that commit to strategic development processes innovate, and emerge as market leaders.


Get the BIG picture!
Here are two strategic maps done by our team of graphic facilitators. Click on them to see larger versions.

Learn more about Graphic Facilitation and recording.

Evolution Center™ offers a variety of strategic services to organizations of all types.  Multinational corporations, joint venture partnerships, governments, nonprofits, academic institutions, and companies of all kinds may contact the EC to help them design a strategic solution to even their most complex organizational challenges.

Most EC strategic services include dynamic documentation packages. Digital and print project maps are often produced in conjunction with EC strategic service programs.  These strategic maps track actions and resources together as they combine to determine the critical path to accomplish project objectives and organizational goals.

( Our documentation packages are delivered by Genius Capture )


EC Strategic Services:
  • Strategic Planning – Venture, project and team planning programs
  • Process Facilitation – Design and delivery of workshop engagements
  • Project Management – Design and delivery of dedicated project initiatives
  • Systems Integration – Understanding and integrate of complex systems and methods into complete, whole-system strategies
  • Management Advisement – Support and training
  • Executive Guidance – Guidance and counseling

Value Propositions:
  • Quickly align and organize resources and teams.
  • Track and take advantage of emerging patterns and trends effecting your organization.
  • Capability to design and deliver “Rapid Response” strategic solutions.
  • Build innovation into the organizational function.
  • Leverage individual insight, expertise and knowledge into a driving internal workforce.


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