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Training Offerings

Today’s knowledge-based economies require organizations to build high-performance workforces able to understand and rapidly respond to constantly changing conditions. Establishing workplace competency in individuals, teams and organizations is how best practices and work process are sustained.  EC training programs help organizations set and extend these performance standards.

EC education, training and development offerings combine to help build organizational competency through targeted knowledge worker training programs. Accelerated learning initiatives, skills specific training, and the development of organizational curriculum combined to help form quality cultures capable of sustaining the vision of any enterprise.

EC Training Services:
  • Leadership – Advanced skill and mindset training for all levels of leadership

  • Train-the-Trainer – Comprehensive development of facilitation and coaching skills

  • Communications – Nero linguistics, Meta programming and brain-based strategies

  • Customer Service – Multi-level training and curriculum development

  • Team Training – High-performance work process techniques and methods

  • Curriculum Development – Content creation of best practices and systems

  • Accelerated Learning – Experiential learning techniques based on the most recent neurological research findings

Value Propositions:
  • Leadership and accelerated learning skills deliver immediate and long-term value
  • Train-the-trainer programs enables individuals to effectively direct the productive efforts of others
  • Curriculum design and development documents best practices and operating systems
  • Small teams trained in high-performance techniques and work processes consistently outperform larger groups bound by the bureaucratic function
  • Training is the most cost effective and efficient way to improve morale and performance

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